Executive Recruitment Services

Many companies face difficulty finding, attracting, and keeping executive talent. You can get a competitive advantage by choosing executive recruiter F.D. Feiler Consultants to help you hire the best and brightest for your Florida business.

Business owners choose F.D. Feiler Consultants to fulfill their executive recruitment needs because Frank Feiler:

  • Is well connected in Florida’s business circles and beyond
  • Maintains a national presence in the business broker community
  • Works with you to prepare a targeted profile of the position
  • Helps you determine a compensation package appropriate for the job
  • Knows where to recruit local, regional, and national talent
  • Does not rely on Monster.com, Career Builders, or other websites, but recruits those who are “not looking for a job”
  • Delivers the best candidates in a time frame that works for you
  • Screens candidates’ background, references, competencies, achievements, interests, and goals
  • Presents candidates who will fit your corporate culture
  • Assists in negotiating candidate acceptance by identifying preferences beyond compensation, relocation and other matters of concern

Help with Sensitive Personnel Situations

Mr. Feiler has a personal understanding of the sensitivities associated with difficult executive staffing situations, such as when a valued employee is no longer performing effectively and needs to be coached to find new opportunities.

Contact Executive Recruiter Frank Feiler Today

Frank Feiler welcomes your inquiry. You can reach him via email or by phone at 561-445-4040.